Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Attention To Detail - Staging

When selling a house, it is all about paying attention to the details.  Of course, the obvious is to clean the house better than ever, and continue to clean and dust until it sells.  But, when staging, look for opportunities to create a good mood.  I had a client that had a little fire pit; he also took down a tree that was ugly and dying.  We chopped the tree down and split it into pieces and stacked them neatly next to the fireplace.  The buyer loved the ambiance and ended up putting in an offer and asked that the fire pit and wood stay.  We of course obliged considering the wood was free and the fire pit was about $40.  Can you believe it? $40 to make a sale of hundreds of thousands of dollars!  When you stage right, it makes all the difference.  Below is an example of how a bit of stacked wood can help define a space and create a mood.

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